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Let me remind everyone that on some of the scripts they will look like part of it is missing when you are typing on them but they will work fine to the receiver:
Just delete the words that say "text goes here". Replace with your own.

If you want to preview it:
go to View>Source> Edit and 3 tabs will appear at the bottom of your e-mail.  Click on Preview and you will see it working, then go back to edit to type on it and send it.

Denton Lund
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Background created by SpiritWolfs Stationery- 1999-2001

Please let it be known that I am NOT the artist of these
images, just the re-creator of them.  If the artist
is not mentioned , it is because I do not know who
the artist is.. If you DO know, please E-Mail me with
this information and I will credit them.

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