Victorian Stationery
Please remember to

Extract & Install them to:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery
Please Click on Title of  Stationery for Download
also note image with (2) after the name indicates a
full version with midi and a NON-scrolling version

Crowning Glory (2)

Victorian Cat (2)

Yesterdays Fashions

The Original

Rhapsody(NO sound)

Victorian Child1 (2)

First Recital

Day at the Beach

Lady in Pink

Waiting For Him

Children's Flower

Carousal Horse

Victorian Garden Hat

Baby Angels

Fairy Plaid

Quilted Victorian

Butterfly Frame

Victorian Day Out

Let me remind everyone that on some of the scripts they will look like part of it is missing when you are typing on them but they will work fine to the receiver.  Just delete the words that say text goes here. 
If you want to preview it, just go to View, Source Edit and 3 tabs will appear at the bottom of your e-mail.  Click on Preview and you will see it working, then go back to edit to type on it and send it.

Denton Lund
Native American Border Stationery Holidays Wolf Park Wolves Wolf

Pretty Posts
Simple & 
Variety Victorian

Background created by SpiritWolfs Stationery- 2001

Please let it be known that I am NOT the artist of these
images, just the re-creator of them.  If the artist
is not mentioned , it is because I do not know who
the artist is.. If you
DO know, please E-Mail me with
this information and I will credit them.

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